Pris: 1 900 kr
Elektronisk höjdmätare med analog skala.


· Electronic altimeter with analog scale.
· Smooth, none erratic pointer movement.
· Shock resistant and water resistant.
· Face positioned with 45 deg. offset scale for easy line-of-sight viewing when mounted on the hand/wrist.
· Asymmetric scale graduation in either feet or meters.
· Electroluminescent back light for night jumping. Can remain on for several hours.
· Automatic calibration to local elevation.
· Scratch proof lens made from high-impact etched glass.
· Component mounting system: Wrist or Hand mount.
· Pointer Playback of last jump.
· Offset adjustments for different take-off & landing elevations.
· Comes with Velcro hand mount & NEW LB Altimeter Tool. Elastic Wrist mount sold separately.

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